Deanna Crisbacher is an American digital artist and filmmaker. After living in the New Jersey (USA) until the age of 16, she moved to the UK and studied A-Level Art, Textiles, and Business Studies at Anglo European School. She then pursued Fine Art at the Foundation program at UCA Canterbury before progressing onto the BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts course at UCA’s Rochester campus.

She enjoys creating impactful, meaningful artwork that provokes the audience to think in ways they may not have before while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of her abilities. When creating films and art she experiments with new, innovative techniques to create something distinctive and unique. She often aims to make her artwork and films ambiguous and emotional enough to get viewers to relate and come to their own conclusions. She feels it is important to address difficult subject matter in her artwork so she can try to make it more accessible to the general public by portraying it in a more abstract way.

Although her roots are within drawing and digital painting, during her studies she began to view CGI as a highly effective fine art medium. This was what inspired the creation of her experimental films When and Dysmorphia. She also has the knowledge and ability to operate within the CGI production pipeline as evident by her film Leviathan and contribution to Red & The Kingdom of Sound. She now works as a Trainee VFX Artist at The Flying Colour Company in London.


When* (2018) - Solo Project // Student Film (Year 3)

Red & The Kingdom of Sound* (2017) - 3D Generalist // VFX Artist // Compositor // Lighting & Texture Artist

Dysmorphia* (2017) - Solo Project // Student Film (Year 2)

Leviathan (2016) - Solo Project // Student Film (Year 1)


*Has received laurels from film festivals.*

New Designers 2018