To learn more about the creative process that went into making  When  please click the image above.

To learn more about the creative process that went into making When please click the image above.

When (2018) explores the filmmaker's experience of Anorexia Nervosa, anxiety, and depression. A challenging and confrontational animation dealing with mature themes and the complexities of mental illness.


Film & Voiceover by: Deanna Crisbacher

Music by: Bruce Reid

SFX from: BBC SFX Library & Freesound.org

Special Thanks: Phil Gomm & Alan Postings

Film Stills

Filmmaker's Statement:

Due to previous life experiences, I am very passionate about Mental Health Awareness and encouraging others to think differently about mental illness and aims to use art and filmmaking to do so. The main aim of most of ‘When’ is to coax people to ask more questions, open their minds, and become more empathetic. I also want to show those who suffer with mental illness are not alone and that there are others who can relate and understand their pain and internal conflict.

This was one of the most difficult projects that I have had to work on due to how raw and personal it is. However, I wished to be as honest as I could because I hope the film proves useful in one way or another. I am aware that the film is abstract and ‘difficult’ but I hope it makes people ask questions and find individual meaning that has a positive impact/change. I am very proud of the film and I hope it finds a place in people’s hearts despite it being a difficult experience and nerve-wracking to share.

New Designers 2018

On July 5th it was announced that judges Alex Haley from Sky and Jez Stewart from BFI awarded Deanna Crisbacher's When the New Designers Judge's Choice Screening Prize 2018

Judge's comments: 

"Strong visuals that give us a route into a difficult perspective. Very strong design choices to give an insight into an extremely personal narrative. A very complete visual and sound space gave a real sense of what it was like to be in her position, which was very provoking. Cracked brief for story, visuals and soundscape."