The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra - Red & The Kingdom of Sound

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The University for the Creative Arts’s course - BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts (CAA) collaborated with An Orchestra Network for Europe (ONE) to create a CGI animated adaptation of Benjamin Britten’s The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Together with tutors and alumni from the course - a team of 17 talented individuals - came together to create Red & The Kingdom of Sound. The story follows the character Red as he explores the different districts…each representing a different instrument in the orchestra. With the help of Yellow, he learns more about the orchestra and the beauty of music. The film premiered in France and has been screened in Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.


For a full list of credits please visit the official IMDB page for Red & The Kingdom of Sound.


I was working as a 3D Artist / VFX Artist / Compositor / Lighting & Texturing Artist on this project. I helped create various 3D models and digital sets. I also textured and lit various district including augmenting sets and textures initially established by others. I was also the District Lead for the Violin, Viola, Cello, Double-Bass Districts, and the Finale. This means that I was in charge of locking down environment animation for these districts to prepare them for rendering. I added additional VFX including the various language passes needed on the sign posts, clouds, smoke, glow effects, and more. I composited together various render passes, language passes, and VFX for 11 out of 15 chapters using After Effects.

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